The Real Fitness - Starter Bundle

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The Real Fitness Starter Bundle teaches you how to change your understanding of your fitness, body, and life by helping yourself without spending all your time on gym memberships that only rob your wallet.

Your evolutionary history involved more movement than we are exposed to today, significantly affecting your ability to function well in everyday life.

Training and exercises are compensation for what nature designed us to do.

In this bundle, you will find much information on Real Fitness, the ability to move across many different environments without problems and restrictions in your body.

Please read and learn what it's all about and how you can benefit.


✅ What we are and how you can approach this knowledge from the ground up from the convenience of your home. You don't need a gym membership for this.

✅ How you can get stronger, attain better mobility, become more flexible, have better balance, etc., by only using your body as a tool.

✅ Why do you need to start focusing on movement instead of working out?

✅ And A LOT more!


EVOKE YOUR HUMAN ANIMAL - eBook (English and Norwegian version)

Change your mindset around exercise & fitness to restore, build, and maintain your innate ability to move like humans.


This eBook lays the foundation for The Real Fitness Approach.

✅ Stiff Or Painful Feet - Video course.

Here you'll find an eBook (English & Norwegian version) and video content on releasing your feet to build strength, resilience, and adaptability for everyday, pain-free living.

  • I am explaining why your feet are such an essential structure.
  • How your feet are supposed to work.
  • Why "good" shoes don't work the way you'd like them to.
  • +++

✅ Barefoot Running 101

You'll learn A LOT about your feet, not only barefoot running but generally.

Based on 13 years of experience with barefoot running and teaching professionals for several years back.

You'll learn the following:

⭐️ How the feet are built and organized.

⭐️ What to look for when buying shoes.

⭐️ How you can work up your capacity to walk and run bare feet on different surfaces.

⭐️ How the feet are supposed to move concerning the most excellent possible efficiency and context to everything else.

⭐️ +++

Whether or not you plan to try barefoot running, this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about your feet.

Also included are two video course bonuses.

Bonus video 1 - how to work with your feet, the squat, knees, hips, and soft tissues for more resilience and joy.

Bonus video 2 - preparing for a better barefoot running experience.

The bundle contains 112 min. of video content, which you can download directly to your computer to watch repeatedly.

Why is this important?

After nineteen years as a professional bodyworker, I find that strengthening exercises and workout programs is the most common way to approach the body.

In many cases, this is legit; but I often hear people telling me they had to stop doing them because it caused more problems or was dull.

Movement IS our common denominator; thus, we should aim to restore general movement abilities throughout the whole body, not just individual parts. 


If you are not able to create a strategy on how you can build a more substantial, more capable, mobile, flexible, and more all-round body by applying the knowledge inside this bundle, write me at within 30 days, and I will refund 100% of your money from your purchase.

Who am I?

My name is Kai Kjartan Høgberg. I am a father and a family man, a writer, a drummer, a professional bodyworker, and a movement teacher. I have an obsession with movement and high performance of any kind.

I've assisted and taught other professionals such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, and others nationally and internationally.

I have worked with clients for thousands of hours over 19 years, from the layman to the world champion and Olympic level. I have participated in sports such as cross-country skiing, speed skating, athletics, Tae Kwon Do, and scuba diving. I believe in self-education and simplicity and that anyone can improve their life.


Only by using your body weight and a minimum of simple equipment will you become a powerhouse of options to help yourself when needed!

This bundle contains many practical examples of exploring movement and changing your perspectives on the human body.

So hit the "I Want This" button below and step toward a more competent, capable, and unrestricted version of you!

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The Real Fitness - Starter Bundle

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