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Barefoot Running 101

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Barefoot Running 101

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Poor technique is the underlying cause of injuries. Learn to run without the «help» of external factors to give your body a chance to thrive.

Stiff, cushioned, and supportive shoes are a big reason people can run with poor technique.

If you like running like a natural human being, connecting with nature, and living more in balance with yourself and your surroundings. 

In that case, you should look no further as I have put together this course for you based on my 13 years of barefoot running experience to explore this precious locomotion activity.

Humans are made for running.

No question about it, but we don't need shoes for it, or at least not always.

Barefoot running is suitable for your posture because your body naturally wants to adjust the landing from the heel to the fore/midfoot. 

Who am I?

My name is Kai Kjartan Høgberg. I am a father and a family man, a writer, a drummer, a professional bodyworker, and a movement teacher. I have an obsession with movement and high performance of any kind.

I've assisted and taught other professionals such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, and others nationally and internationally.

I have worked with clients for thousands of hours over 19 years, from the layman to the world champion and Olympic level. I have participated in sports such as cross-country skiing, speed skating, athletics, Tae Kwon Do, and scuba diving. I believe in self-education and simplicity and that anyone can improve their life.

Running isn't for everybody, but everybody should have a body capable of running!

Shoes are beneficial at times.

Our feet are designed to handle the weight and adapt to various surfaces independently, without any external support.

The sole of your feet has 200.000 accessible nerve endings, so it's important not to stop them from sensing and getting feedback from the ground.

Shoes restrict feedback, not impact.

Think about it for a second; your feet evolved over millions of years while someone developed the modern running shoe in the seventies. Which do you trust more?

What will you learn?

✅ You'll learn a lot about your feet through relevant anatomical structures and how you can work with them to prepare your body for this task better.

✅ Why shoes can disturb your running experience.

✅ Things to look for when you are buying shoes.

✅ You'll learn to develop your body without thinking about muscles and repetitions.

✅ Different strategies and concepts you can develop for a better functioning body.

✅ How you can use your body's ability to adapt to your advantage to avoid strains and injuries.

✅ How your body is connected from top to bottom, in and out.

✅ And a lot more.

Some benefits of barefoot running

⭐️ Stronger and more adjustable feet.

⭐️ Better aligned posture.

⭐️ Better coordination and motor control.

⭐️ Increased awareness, which is the base for transformation.

⭐️ It increases neural control.

⭐️ Less use of muscles because of better elasticity/recoil in the fascial system.

Bonuses - two videos.

✅ Bonus video 1. - how you can work with your feet, the squat, knees, hips, and soft tissues for more resilience and joy.

✅ Bonus video 2. - how you can prepare for a better barefoot running experience.


  • If you are new to barefoot running but would like to explore it for yourself.
  • If you are serious about how to take better care of your feet.
  • If you are curious and want to learn more about this topic.
  • If you are already a runner and would like to increase your knowledge and repertoire.
  • If you want a stronger connection with nature.
  • If you want to understand your body better
  • If you have heard a lot of different opinions on barefoot running

Then it's my opinion that you should buy this course and make up your conclusion whether it's working for you or not.


Suppose this course does not serve you in a way that makes it clearer to form a strategy and a plan to understand better the feet and the topic of barefoot running in general. For example, within 30 days of purchase, email, and I will refund 100% of your purchase price.

⭐️ Barefoot Running 101 can and will help you get started, as well, as you'll most likely also cut some corners in your progress by reducing injury risk and errors along the way.

⭐️ The course contains a thorough introduction to barefoot running, with many explaining anatomies and how-to's to ensure you are well prepared to take on humans' original running form.

What do people say about me?

"In closing, I want to mention that I am super happy and looking forward to training, and I shared the info about your course with many (I hope you got many enrollments) and will buy more lessons from you in the future.

You are GOLD :)" - Heidi

"Kai is very competitive with a huge knowledge of how the body works."

- Betty Johansen.

«Before I started with Kai, I did not want to grow old in my body, it has changed, and I now can say that my body fits the sheath.»

-Vibe Berland

«You are the first to treat the entire body, not just where it hurts. It is quite illogical to treat only individual parts because, as you say, everything is connected.»

- Emilie.

«The more awareness I gain around my body, the more I can feel it benefiting.»

- Cindy

Then you should push the «I want this» button below and buy this course!

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Guide on how to prepare for barefoot running, by learning about your feet.

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